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Available Services

Puppy Play Group

This is a drop in class for puppies 8-16 weeks in age.  During this class we work on exposure to various novel items, building positive association through play.  We will start each class off with a brief learning period to help shape calm focused behavior around other dogs and handlers.  During this time you will learn about appropriate play, how to interrupt inappropriate play, how to advocate for your puppy and when and how to end a play session. We will also discuss the importance of early exposure and how positive exposure is essential to the development of your dog.  You will learn how to tell if your puppy is having a positive or negative experience and how to minimize negative ones.  These classes are 45 minutes long and will end with a relaxation session where your pup will learn to settle on leash while we review the events of that days session. 

Pre Registration is required


Puppy Basics

This is where you and your new friend learn the basics.  Manners around food, appropriate interaction with household members, how to address jumping, nipping and crate training.  In this package of lessons we also discuss proper socialization and building confidence. We learn the basics such as loose leash walking, building engagement as well as sit, down, stay and place.  There is a strong focus on exposure to novel items and sound desensitization.

Each puppy basics package will start off with the first two lessons as one on one.  This allows your puppy to learn in an environment that has significantly less distractions which sets your puppy up for success.  The last four lessons will be in a group setting.  This will allow you and your puppy to practice the skills you have both learned as well as the ability to focus on you and relax around other dogs. 


Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience

A class designed for dogs 6+ months of age, this program provides the foundation and most important part of any training program.  In basic obedience we cover sit, stay, down, place, heel, loose leash walking and recall.  We set the stage for what comes next. This is a block of 6 lessons, the first 2 being private and the last 4 being as a group.  This allows you and your dog to learn the skills in a low distraction environment before then putting it into practice in a group setting.

Registration is now open for the June session starting 26th at 7pm with private sessions starting the week of June 9th


Custom Private

Custom programs cover things like fear based reactivity, confidence building,  assisted service dog training as well as E-Collar conditioning.  

Each program will look a little different as each dog, their needs, drive and the owners goals are different.  The focus of these programs change as and adapt as needed.  

Please remember, every client who wishes to do E-Collar training must have a solid foundation of obedience and the dog must show a clear understanding of leash pressure.  Teaching leash pressure is included.  

These lessons are done in a block of 5 and are private.


Intermediate/Advanced    Obedience

Intermediate/Advanced Obedience

This is where we really start to build duration and distance as well as increase the level of distraction we train in.  Graduates of basic obedience are often recommended to join drop in group class to help with some aspects of this.  But if you really want a dog who can hold a down stay under heavy distractions for an extended period of time, this is the class for you.  Here we will explore the techniques used  to expand on that foundation we built to achieve your goals.


Reactive Dog Group Class

This class is for fear based reactive dogs who have already completed private lessons.  Both the dog and owner will have a good grasp on the behaviour.  This class will allow both the dog and owner to continue to progress in an environment designed to help them thrive.  We will continue to improve on both obedience and learning to relax in the presence of their triggers .  Class size will be limited to 3 dogs and the class will run for 6 weeks. 


Drop-in Group Class

Participants for this class will have already taken either private lessons or another group class and been referred over to this class for continued education and loads of fun!!

In this class you can expect to find fun and exciting games that will allow you to continue to practice and grow your skills as a team.  Each week there will be a new lesson plan, and the last few minutes of each class will be spent giving students an opportunity to ask questions and address any training hiccups they may be having. There is a cost of $20 per class and they are held weekly with both a daytime and evening option.

Walk and Train

Walk and Train is an add on service that is designed to provide training assistance for those clients who are struggling with the walking portion of their training program.  This add on service allows you to choose to have the trainer come to you** starting in week three of your lesson package and work on loose leash walking, heeling and engagement while on walks.  This service is a 45 mins service and the time does include manners when leashing and unleashing.   Sessions will be booked consecutively whenever possible for maximum results.  This is a package of 5 sessions, the first three are with the trainer and your dog.  The fourth you will shadow the trainer on the walk and learn how to put into practice what your dog has been learning.  The fifth lesson you will handle your dog and the trainer will shadow you and make any adjustments required to ensure the transfer of skills.  This package will give you a boost in the right direction but will not result in a dog with perfect leash skills.  That will come from practicing the skills taught and being consistent.  

This is not a dog walking service.


**home visits for this service must be in the service area.  If you  are outside of the service area then you will be required to bring your dog to the trainer at an arranged location.  This is not a suitable service for reactive or aggressive dogs.

*Payment is due upon booking and is non-refundable.  Spaces are limited*



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