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Helpful Tips

Dog Training Made Easy From Belleville Ontario!

In this section you will find helpful tips to get you started on your journey to a positive and peaceful relationship with your canine companion.


Physical Exercise

If you find that your dog is hyper, poorly behaved or even destructive in the house, it is likely that they are not getting enough exercise.  The first place to start is always here.  Many dog breeds come from working working lines and need more physical stimulus than we think.  

Consider this, your dog has been asleep all night as have you.  Your morning routine may consist of taking them for one or two trips to the bathroom, breakfast and then you are off to work.  Now, your dog is full of energy, especially if he or she is a puppy or young dog.  What do you suppose they will do with all this energy while you are gone? The answer is simple.  Make their own entertainment.  This often means destructive behavior.  Considering adding a longer walk, with more time to sniff with periods of brisk walking to help tire them out for the day.  You could also consider hiring a dog walker to come in while you are at work.  Remember, a tired pup is a happy pup and a happy pup is a well behaved pup.



As we all know, play is how children learn.  It is also how puppies and dogs learn.  Fetch is a commonly enjoyed game around the world.  Did you know that the consistent and repetitive motion of fetch can cause stress to under developed joints and premature wear and tear on the joints of adult dogs? So while I encourage you to continue to play, just be mindful of how long and how often you are playing.  Listen to your dog when they say they are tired, that moment they go off and lay down, game is over.  If you have a dog who is obsessive over the game then you need to be the one to know when it's time to stop. 

Tug.  Another often played game.  In this game is it imperative to teach a solid out or drop it command as well as a settle command.  This ensures the game does not get out of control.  It is also important to teach bite inhibition and this should be done right from day one.  Doing this ensures that no one gets accidentally hurt during play time.


Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is another vital step to a happy and well balanced dog.  This can be achieved in many different ways.  You could try getting your dog to read a book as pictured above, but you will find that success in this area often comes through the end of their nose.  Scent games.  For most dogs a simple find it game with their favorite toy, treats or food is plenty; for other dogs it isn't that simple.  

Have you ever tried to play hide and seek with your dog? You should.  This is a great way to not only build your bond but make them use their nose and therefore their brain.  

Long sniffing walks are also great for mental stimulus.  Don't forgot that even something as simple as teaching new commands or tricks can get the same results as taking your dog for a walk in a brand new area.  All of these things and more will lead to a pup who is mentally satisfied.  And if you tire the brain, you also tire the body.  

Black Dog

Window Barking

Let's talk about window barking.  

Many people live with dogs who bark at the window every time a person, animal or vehicle goes by.  A simple way to minimize this is by using window film.  This simple solution prevents the dog from seeing it's triggers.  When choosing a window film, choose one that doesn't shine lights or rainbows onto your floors and walls as this can lead to the development of a whole new problem.

Keep in mind that if your dog is reacting to what it is hearing, this solution is not for you.



As pack animals dogs are very social creatures.  Yet socialization does not mean meet all the people and meet all the dogs.  What it actually means is learn to be calm and focused around dogs of different energy levels, sizes and personalities.  This applies to people as well.  Now having said that, dog to dog play is important IF your dog is social and only when paired with dogs of similar play styles.  If your dog loves to play but and does not enjoy wrestling, then do not pair them with a dog who likes to wrestle.  There is a correct and incorrect way to introduce your dog to a new dog and it may take several times meeting to know if they like each other.  Remember that like people, dogs do not have to like everyone and often they do not.  Pay attention to what your dog's body language is telling you before and during a play session.  Make sure both dogs have a solid settle command so play can be stopped if and when needed.  

And please understand that dog parks are not a good and safe way to facilitate positive relationships with potential canine friends.

Sweet Dog

Signs of Stress

Stress. We all get it, including our dogs.  Are you able to recognize it?  Recognizing your dog's stress signals can prevent unwanted bites to children and other animals.  Things like whale eye, licking their lips, panting, ears down and back, looking away from a person or thing as well a furrowed brow are all early indicators of stress.  

Did you know that most children who suffer dog bites do so at the mouths of their family pets? And that in nearly all of these incidents it was 100% avoidable? It is crucial to understand what your dog is telling you and to advocate for them.  Because if you don't they will have no choice but to advocate for themselves.  Let's keep your children and pets safe by learning what your dog is telling you.  

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