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Has your dog been kicked out of doggy daycare?

This is something trainers have heard more times than we can count. The clients dog has happily attended doggy daycare since they were six months old and they just got kicked out. What did you do wrong? Very likely nothing. Assuming the facility has the proper training and education and has been screening clients to ensure they are a good fit and are paring dogs of the same size and plays styles as well as supervising play, then this is more common than one might think. As dogs age, they have less tolerance for exuberant behaviour. This typically starts to happen around 12-18 months of age as dogs hit maturity and is completely nonmail.

How do you fix is? Well, the short answer is you don't. Like people, a dogs play style changes. Their personality changes too. So as long as your dog has not become reactive, still enjoys walks and can pass a dog on the trail without a fuss, there is no action needed. Just respect your dogs new needs and provide them other outlets to get their physical and mental stimulation. Maybe take this opportunity to build your relationship and discover something new, together. Each stage of a dogs life will bring new challenges, but it also brings new opportunity.

Happy training!

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